Glass blown and sanded,
The feel of silk,
The smell of spring,
None can compare,
To the aura which you have ensnared,

The springs of Honduras fall short on all scales,
The suns radiance in your presence fails,
Your grace eludes even the black swan,
If you’re the queen, i’d happily play the pawn,

The wilderness flocks to your reside,
To the Olympians you are their pride,

None to your presence can compare,
To the aura which you have ensnared.

Even the Greek sculptors would fail to capture your beauty
The mystery, the allure all have their specific duty

How the clouds part to reveal the moon and stars,
Who are well aware that their spell has been cast,
Your arrival brings a similar magic,
To not stop and admire it would be tragic,

A sin I would not commit,
A whim to which I cannot submit,

None can compare,
To the aura which you have ensnared,

As flowers at the beginning of day
Like the moon beckoning the water astray

Crystal is my mind,
My feelings for you have me intertwined,
The epitome of excellence is you,
The model of all traits
It is true!

The conundrum now seems how to let go,
How to evade destiny’s call
How to turn away from my curtain call.

-Bilal A. Temuri.


Wishing On Falling Stars.



I wished to swim in the yellow sea of daffodils I sowed,

But it turned to red when my heart explode.

I wished to break free from the demons of the past,

But somewhere my mind is locked up in the chest thou hast.

I wished to touch the moonbow spread out in the dark,

But my wings were too injured to leave their mark.

I wished to dance under the soggy rain,

But alas! Even that won’t wash away the pain.

I wished to count all the stars, the dull, the bright;

But there’s a war up here, some fell to the earth, some became knight.

I wished to remove the stains from my soul,

But turning into a diamond was a mere fantasy of a coal.

I wished to echo my screams that reached the whole crowd,

But for a deaf, a thunder is never too loud.

I wished to transform this life of blue,

But only if all the wishes could come true.

-Hira Altaf

Bio-Sciences, 3rd Year.