What strikes fear into your heart? A darkness that never leaves you, Always so near that you can feel it’s spectral whisper? A demon, a ghost, a monster, a ghoul? Is it a sinister presence shadowing your footsteps? Materializing when it senses your fright? Or ruby eyes with malicious intent, Glaring out at you through a pale face in the dead of the night? Has it latched onto your soul, corrupted your mind and sanity, Before your eyes, taken over you? Has it drained you of all your strength With the torment it led you through? Or, are you afraid … Continue reading

Today In History!

While assigning importance to the days of the year, we honour the occurrences of the past, remembering just how this day might have passed for another person, in another place, possibly at a wildly different time. Stories of times gone by, to commemorate history; but what of the past if we don’t learn from it and better ourselves.April 20th unfortunately has a lamentable history recorded. Tracing back earliest to 1889, when Adolph Hitler was born in Austria; a being who needs no introduction or explanation, Hitler himself was a teeny tiny baby then, far from the young man poised with … Continue reading Today In History!

Empathy Mind Control

Do we see how much we erode our feelings? How we are desensitized by the events unfolding day-by-day? Loss of lives reduced to a mere numerical value flashing on screens. From Moscow to Quebec, Sydney to Beijing, this had become our new world order. It wasn’t until 2023 that scientists in Sweden figured out a way to exactly emulate one person’s emotions onto any other person. This meant that the grief of one could be accurately felt by many and likewise for joy or any other emotion; imagine that, but on the scale of an entire country. This is what … Continue reading Empathy Mind Control

An extract from Why Raid – ‘Freedom & Hierarchy’

Freedom The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants. Humans desire freedom. Purportedly. Under the control of society, some humans believe in their own personal illusion of freedom. Other people seek control to attain freedom. Control over surroundings. Their surroundings involve others’ lives. People seek control over others to attain freedom. Idiocy. Freedom gained through the sacrifice of others’ freedoms is the one many seek. This gives rise to the principle of hierarchy (discussed later on). The paradox of the necessity of control to achieve freedom is the reason hierarchies should be difficult to maintain. Hierarchy … Continue reading An extract from Why Raid – ‘Freedom & Hierarchy’

Movie Review: Annihilation

The movie, starring Natalie Portman and directed by Alex Garland (Ex Machina), is a beautifully crafted visual essay on self destruction. The psychological science fiction thriller is based on a novel of the same name by Jeff VanderMeer, and follows the story of a molecular biologist, Lena (Portman), whose soldier husband (Oscar Isaac) returns home from a special op and collapses with a strange, alien disease. In order to cure him, she needs to find out what’s wrong with him, for which she needs to go where his mission took place.   The movie opens with a scene showing a … Continue reading Movie Review: Annihilation