Hearts of Granite.

I saw a boy being whipped with a baton, victim to the occasional, half-hearted police crackdowns.

I saw another lying unconscious, a shiny tell tale needle sticking of his arm, sparkling in the sunlight, blinding me.

I saw numerous blank faces plowing past, their eyes glazed with their apathy; their faces pinched, concentrating on some undoubtedly irrelevant and inane problems that governed their lives.

And among those desensitized robots I saw myself. Continue reading Hearts of Granite.

Let’s Give Her A World.

Living in a society where men are merely looked upon as the oppressor of women, I was raised in a very different manner. For starters, I was taught to respect women starting from my own two sisters and then the circle expanded to cousins, school and later to all the women I met in my 22 years of small life. Women? Yes I use this word because it represents the respect they deserve, maybe if only people understood the difference between girls and women and only of they knew what struggles they go through, it could make a difference. Being … Continue reading Let’s Give Her A World.