A Healing Experience.

There aren’t many things that I am grateful for in this world but she is as transcendental as all of the objects in the universe combined. To have her in my arms can be described as feeling, all of the warmth of nature’s creations in a rub of our atoms.

You are the light of my eyes and the food to my soul.

So come into my arms and let me love you whole. Continue reading A Healing Experience.


Crimson Waves

She took a deep breath and started, “I honestly really cannot figure out what the matter is, but I feel like something is wrong. Something is really wrong.” She took a gulp of salty air, “I feel so down right now for no reason at all. I feel restless. Hollow even. And it’s not only right now. This feeling has been persisting in me for some time. And I have no idea why! What’s wrong with me?” Continue reading Crimson Waves

Words Are Insufficient.

“Our mutual anxiety is what makes you so relatable. I know what it feels like to be conscious of your every movement down to every single breath you draw from your lungs. To double-check every move because you are so scared that a single miscalculated step might shatter everything because that’s how fragile it all seems to you.” Continue reading Words Are Insufficient.

Hearts of Granite.

I saw a boy being whipped with a baton, victim to the occasional, half-hearted police crackdowns.

I saw another lying unconscious, a shiny tell tale needle sticking of his arm, sparkling in the sunlight, blinding me.

I saw numerous blank faces plowing past, their eyes glazed with their apathy; their faces pinched, concentrating on some undoubtedly irrelevant and inane problems that governed their lives.

And among those desensitized robots I saw myself. Continue reading Hearts of Granite.

Be Grateful; For the one thing that separates us from the ones who are suffering is- Fate.

I have problems, we all do. If we don’t, we find one, and sometimes we find many. One doesn’t even have to look very far, it’s the easiest thing in the world! As if it were not enough to find problems, and mentally disturb yourselves in the process, many of us cling to our problems. Cling to them as if they were the center of the universe and to them it very well might as well be, but just because they might as well be doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be. But then there are cases, cases that you … Continue reading Be Grateful; For the one thing that separates us from the ones who are suffering is- Fate.


It was a cold, windy evening, Natasha just landed at an Indian airport. Although she was returning from the USA after 10 years but she did not seem excited. Her big, hazel, almond-shaped eyes showed deep sadness. The joy while coming back to her motherland, the place where she was born, was not anywhere in her face. She was lost in her thoughts deeply. While walking at the airport, she heard a voice from the back, “Excuse me!” She looked back and replied, “Yes?” “Your notebook slipped off from your bag.” She recalled the time when her friends surprised her … Continue reading DISAPPOINTMENTS.