Empathy Mind Control

Do we see how much we erode our feelings? How we are desensitized by the events unfolding day-by-day? Loss of lives reduced to a mere numerical value flashing on screens. From Moscow to Quebec, Sydney to Beijing, this had become our new world order. It wasn’t until 2023 that scientists in Sweden figured out a way to exactly emulate one person’s emotions onto any other person. This meant that the grief of one could be accurately felt by many and likewise for joy or any other emotion; imagine that, but on the scale of an entire country. This is what … Continue reading Empathy Mind Control

A Healing Experience.

There aren’t many things that I am grateful for in this world but she is as transcendental as all of the objects in the universe combined. To have her in my arms can be described as feeling, all of the warmth of nature’s creations in a rub of our atoms.

You are the light of my eyes and the food to my soul.

So come into my arms and let me love you whole. Continue reading A Healing Experience.

Crimson Waves

She took a deep breath and started, “I honestly really cannot figure out what the matter is, but I feel like something is wrong. Something is really wrong.” She took a gulp of salty air, “I feel so down right now for no reason at all. I feel restless. Hollow even. And it’s not only right now. This feeling has been persisting in me for some time. And I have no idea why! What’s wrong with me?” Continue reading Crimson Waves