What strikes fear into your heart? A darkness that never leaves you, Always so near that you can feel it’s spectral whisper? A demon, a ghost, a monster, a ghoul? Is it a sinister presence shadowing your footsteps? Materializing when it senses your fright? Or ruby eyes with malicious intent, Glaring out at you through a pale face in the dead of the night? Has it latched onto your soul, corrupted your mind and sanity, Before your eyes, taken over you? Has it drained you of all your strength With the torment it led you through? Or, are you afraid … Continue reading

Mother Nature

Complacent in our ignominy, We hear the cries, See the misery, But feign ignorance. When will we grow out of this callousness, Open our eyes to the inhumanity? Mother Nature a resilient, undeserved blessing, Time and time again, she thrives Despite our barbarism. We take what belongs to her, What she so courteously has laid before us, Until there is nothing more to take. Nature cries, And we cry with it. -Sara Bukhari Continue reading Mother Nature

This one’s for Malala

Why must the world be so cruel? Always wanting me to duel,   The sharp abuses they spew, Make me question why I started this feud,   Every day I struggle to appease, But nothing I do brings me ease.   Would it have been better to be silenced by the gun? Or stand up to injustice and ask my rights for once.   They appreciate when foreigners dress up in our attire, But when I reciprocate, it starts a fire.   Such is the hypocrisy, against I stand alone, While continuing to love the nation I call home.   … Continue reading This one’s for Malala

I Am In Love With The People

I am in love with people I have yet to meet, From the small dimples on their face to the tiny freckles on their feet, I’m in love with people I have yet to meet, The way they bite their lip or frown their brows when solving a crossword Their eyes when lose focus as traveling the galaxies from inside Lost in translation, unable to read, and if one day we are to drift apart Continue reading I Am In Love With The People