A Rant On The Transgender Treatment.

For god’s sake man, have some dignity. It was Eid, a religious celebration, it was that one time for you people to just keep quiet and keep it in your pants. Men like these disgust me to the extent that I pray to God that they do not have daughters. How much do you need to lose your faith, humanity and consciousness to do such a horrible thing? I pray to God that these inhumane creatures get their vocal cords ripped out of their throats and their ” MAN’S PRIDE” gets butchered in the worst possible way. These transgenders are … Continue reading A Rant On The Transgender Treatment.

Within The Confines of My Mind.

Shrill cries pierce my reverie
Vine-y fingers encircle my arm
Shoulders shaken, the cacophony-of worry- fills my ears
Mutely, not protesting in alarm
I am dragged back by The Distressed
Back to my life-as they see fit
I try to speak but am silenced
Not allowed out of home since birth
Atleast not without an escort
Eons have transpired in their pointless worry
Visionless by birth, voiceless by the protector
(I realise) I cannot tell anyone of the things I see
For in my condition, who
In this world would dare believe me Continue reading Within The Confines of My Mind.


I am not going to sugarcoat, use any jargon or beautiful metaphors here, this is me using a platform to talk about what went on in my head for the longest time. It took 8 months’ worth of sessions coupled with exposure and eidetic therapy and the only reason I am talking about this today is because I was fortunate enough to be a ‘mild case.’ Fortunate enough to seek therapy and fortunate enough to have the support I needed.

There are still days where I relapse and this struggle will always be there, but I am my mother’s daughter after all, forever stubborn and unyielding. So, come, shake hands with me the next time you see me around the university, and this time, I promise I will return it. Continue reading Centripetal

Anxiety is the friend who stays past dinner and doesn’t want to go home.

Then a few times more

All in the span of five minutes

And if there was still no response, we’d argue

“They’re probably busy,” I’d say

“They don’t want to talk to you,” she’d say.

“They must have not checked their phone.”

“Maybe you said something wrong.”

My friend started sticking around a lot more. Continue reading Anxiety is the friend who stays past dinner and doesn’t want to go home.