Letter To My Jigglypuff.

Dear Jigglypuff,

I always dreamt that if I was a Pokemon Master, I’d choose you as my starter Pokemon even though you aren’t in the trio options of Pokemons in any land (as far as I’m aware). But that wouldn’t have stopped me for I adore you. Your pink cheeks, green eyes and a small cute chubby body is just something no one can resist aww-ing at.


I always knew I would have had an upper hand with your voice, entrancing every one into a deep sleep, and all those uh, what do you call those unique Pokemons?

Yeah. The legendary mysterious ones. They too would have been in my Poke-balls. I would have caught the most ferocious, the most toughest and the most endearing by not initiating a challenging battle but rather using a single-shot-knock-out strategy; that is you doing the thing you do best – singing them to sleep. That is something, the strongest of the strongest at one point, bow  down towards- helpless & sleepy.

A harmless power, yet so conquering. It would have helped me to make quite a precious collection of worthy Pokemons.

singign jigly.gif

We could have gotten away with all the crimes and would have made a super cool duo of criminals. Man, with us being super cute, no one would have ever suspected us. Our innocent looks would have melted everyone’s hearts and they would have simply given us all the money, all the riches,all the doughnuts.

I could have taken you to school, to college, to university, every time winning favours, winning guys, winning marks. *evil smirk*

You could have sat on my head or my shoulder while I did my exam with your pen. (I know they wouldn’t have allowed it but with you being adorable & all I doubt if they had left you outside to cry).


I often thought that you could have made a lovely rockstar or a softstar (if that’s even a thing). How beautiful it would have been for you to knock out all stressed hearts into a deep, peaceful sleep with just your singing.

It would have been fun for them to, you know, that act where the singer jumps off the stage in a concert and the audience passes them around on their raised hands- (I don’t know the word for that action, but hey, you get the idea)-, with you it would have been even more easier since you’re small.

My kids would have dressed up in Jigglypuff jumpsuits to attend parties at their school. My husband dropping them off (also in a Jigglypuff jumpsuit).Together, we would have made a Jiggly-Jiggly- Puffy family. All of you could have made an amazing crew of a band since I have plans of teaching one of my kids to be a drummer & the other a guitarist.

Yeah. I know. I’m overdoing it here. But think about it, Jiggly. Think about all this stuff and a lot more. Even though pink really sores my eyes at times, you’d be the only creature that I’d never really get bored of, for you bring the most genuine smile on my face.

gif tee.gif

We could have attended festivals , set up stalls to face-paint people, making all sorts of scribbles on their faces with your maker filled with permanent ink.

It would have been lovely to vent to you on a rainy, lonely, cold night because you, unlike humans, would have offered listening to me, rather than giving me useless advises and in that moment, a part of me would be glad that you can’t speak but sing; sing my troubled mind into a quiet, tranquil sleep.

So Jigglypuff, I’m going to end this tear-drenched letter by saying; in every Pokemon region, in every Pokemon movie/series, in every Pokemon battle, I would have chosen you over and over again.




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