The Power of Positivity.

Worldly experience comes with age, however it could get costly for when young adults step into the real world leaving their childish innocence behind, they get to face all those cruel realities, many of which they had never known to exist.


University life is especially demanding because even though you are practically an adult, you still haven’t gone ‘out there’. In order to prepare for what the future may hold, there is one particularly important piece of advice parents and teachers must instill in the minds of the young adults, that is that no matter how many setbacks one faces, they should always try to maintain a positive outlook on life. Staying optimistic improves not only your mental health, but it also significantly improves your physical health too.

There is also the fact that when one radiates a positive aura the others around that person get pulled in as well, leading to a constructive and jovial atmosphere.

One of the colossal benefits of having an optimistic outlook on situations is the pleased and contended sensation that is felt. That in turn promotes efficiency in work as people can perform their tasks using maximum potential in order to acquire a certain goal. This factor has helped students greatly especially during the exam months because during those days the students get so stressed that they have difficulty studying in a manner that is actually productive. It has been observed that if they just stay positive, work hard and hope for the best, they are able to give a better performance. If they put in a lot of effort, they would be able to achieve the results that they deserve. In the event that the results do not match their expectations, they need not panic because there is a reason behind every outcome, and the occurrence of such an event becomes a learning experience that helps the person in his or her growth as an individual. It all depends on their outlook on the situation and whether they want to use it as a stepping stone to elevate themselves.

Other than the obvious fact that positive thoughts are naturally refreshing, the phenomenon of positive thinking has been proven to be physiologically beneficial too. A lower stress level reduces the blood pressure and low blood pressure is beneficial for the heart. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the world so humans need to take special care of their cardiac health. Similarly, the immune system gets a significant boost.


Staying positive enhances a person’s physical activity as well. A negative thinker would just isolate himself and sulk in a corner while their body wastes away, their strength dissipating as they become increasingly glum. It is crucial that everyone comprehends the fact that depression can physically harm the body. It is completely natural to get depressed at times, especially in a stressful student life, but if a person is chronically depressed and they are not able to do absolutely anything, they ought to get proper help and treatment so that they would be able to get back on their own two feet and be ready to face the world again.

Being optimistic also causes the person to have a positive influence on his surroundings. If there is even one person with a cheerful temperament in any congregation, their exuberance would spread through the whole group. This quality is very useful when doing group projects with classmates. If a particular group is faced with any sort of adversity and almost everyone feels exasperated, the overall atmosphere can still change even if one person remains positive. The peers would get inspired by the determination and optimism of that one individual, enabling the whole group to become livelier and everyone would work with renewed vigor to make sure they get the best results.


In the end, if everyone realized the importance of positive-thinking and incorporate it into all the situations they face, they would have a statistically more significant chance of being successful in their endeavors, personal or otherwise. Their mental well being as well as their physical health would benefit greatly along with the added advantage of spreading positivity in their surrounding environment. If people just believe that they would be able to overcome any obstacle, they definitely would do so, even if they have to try again and again, for where there is a will, there is a way. A renowned writer Stephen Richards stated, “The true measure of success is how many times you can bounce back from failure.”


-By Maria Ahmad

BS-Biosciences, 3rd year







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