Wishing On Falling Stars.



I wished to swim in the yellow sea of daffodils I sowed,

But it turned to red when my heart explode.

I wished to break free from the demons of the past,

But somewhere my mind is locked up in the chest thou hast.

I wished to touch the moonbow spread out in the dark,

But my wings were too injured to leave their mark.

I wished to dance under the soggy rain,

But alas! Even that won’t wash away the pain.

I wished to count all the stars, the dull, the bright;

But there’s a war up here, some fell to the earth, some became knight.

I wished to remove the stains from my soul,

But turning into a diamond was a mere fantasy of a coal.

I wished to echo my screams that reached the whole crowd,

But for a deaf, a thunder is never too loud.

I wished to transform this life of blue,

But only if all the wishes could come true.

-Hira Altaf

Bio-Sciences, 3rd Year.


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