I Dream Of A Place.


I dream of a place with warmth and water,

A place where trials of life don’t matter,

A place where I can fall peacefully asleep,

And you can keep me from falling in too deep.

I dream of a place without sweat and blood,

A place where tears don’t threaten to flood,

A place with no noise and just merry sounds,

A place where you are always around.

I dream of a place where all of us are loved,

A place where bad feelings are shoved

In a box with a lid shut on so tight

Where they don’t come back to haunt and to fight.

I dream of a place, a place so sweet,

Where there’s reason enough to laugh and to weep;

But the tears are joyful and the smiles so serene,

And no place for things that make life mean.

I dream of a place so beautifully true,

Where there’s a place for me and a place for you,

I dream this dream with such heartfelt trust,

That this place in my dreams no one can crush.

For its a secret I share only with friends,

Those who I’ll take with me to the end

I share this place with a trusted few

And one of those friends happens to be you.


-Aqsa Baig.



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