A Logical Take on the Mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle.


With the progression of Science, more and more mysteries have been solved and many cases have been closed. However the cases related to the strange incidents that have occurred in the region of the Bermuda Triangle have been considered mysterious and unsolvable ever since they were first brought to light.

The Bermuda Triangle is an imaginary triangle present in the Atlantic Ocean. It is named so because the region is triangular, connecting the ends of Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. This area is known for causing ships and planes to disappear mysteriously, without any trace. These disappearances were brought to public attention around the 1950’s. Since then, numerous theories have emerged as people tried to come up with different reasons to explain the peculiarity of that area.

It is common knowledge that a compass needle always points north, but that fact has not been applicable for this region. The magnetic field of the Earth has weak spots and one of its weak spots is present in this Triangle, so the compass needle shows a significant deflection from the magnetic north of the Earth.

Back in the olden days, before there were GPS systems and other such navigation devices, the sailors and captains solely relied on their compasses. The sailors who wanted to cross the Bermuda Triangle would get lost in the sea because their compasses seemed to malfunction, and since the whole region is quite big (500,000 square miles) chances of going around in circles were very high. The ships were not the only victims of ‘malfunctioning’ compasses, in 1945, the pilot of Flight 19 had contacted a control tower, reporting that the compass had stopped working. Confused about the direction, the pilot got lost and soon the radio transmission signals from the plane stopped arriving. Flight 19 never returned.

From among the very first reported cases, there was USS Cyclops, a carrier ship which disappeared in 1918. The reason for this disappearance was explained by theories of paranormal activities because the ship had disappeared completely, without sending any distress signal or any sign. However, the fact of the matter is, that back in that era, wireless communication was very inefficient and unreliable so the lack of a distress signal was most probably due to some technical faults, and that should have been taken into account.

Another theory that many love to agree with relates to alien abductions. This theory is only supported by constant claims of UFO sightings in the Bermuda Triangle. There is no logical evidence which even mildly suggests that the reason the ships and planes disappeared were because they were abducted by extra-terrestrials living in the sea. This theory is a favorite among science fiction writers. Others believe in the presence of wormholes- gateways to other dimensions. They believe that the missing ships and planes were sucked into these wormholes and were lead to a completely different dimension. As interesting as that sounds, wormholes leading to parallel dimensions have not been discovered as of yet.

Leaving aside the paranormal theories, one of the most supported reasons behind the disappearances and the accidents is the ever-present freak weather there- hurricanes, seismic activities, thunderstorms and monstrous waves. The whole area is prone to sudden violent storms that dissipate as quickly as they arrive, making the ships or planes ‘disappear’ suddenly. Waves have been measured to go up to a 100 feet! That’s more than enough to completely engulf a ship with ease. Such weather has been reported multiple times in that region therefore if one was to say that the planes and ships got lost and blown about due to the dangerous weather, the foundation for this notion is quite grounded.

After taking a brief look at most of the theories people have come up with over the years to explain the strange happenings in the Bermuda Triangle, it is safe to conclude that the main cause of disappearances of ships and planes is a mix of the environmental factors and human errors. In a harsh environment where the person does not know where to go, he will most likely end up getting lost. However, because of the extensive hype given to all the strange cases related to the region, many want to believe the irrational supernatural theories and myths, even if they feel that there has to be a reasonable explanation behind it all.


-Maria Ahmed.

Bio-Sciences, 3rd Year.


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