Depression Is As Insidious As Cancer.

I Bruise Inside Out.

“Come on you’re not even trying to be happy!”
“Get a grip on yourself.”
“It’s not that hard to make yourself happy.”


These are some of the hurtful things you get to hear from people who think that your emotions, your sentiments are under your control. Apparently what people don’t realize is that an individual’s thoughts, sentiments and emotions are something beyond their control. People are out there are trying to make it through the day without breaking down and falling apart; making an effort yet there are people who tell you that you’re not trying hard enough. Maybe if they’re more appreciated for their efforts they might actually be happy.

People who highlight all the negative stuff going on in their life aren’t doing it for fun or on purpose, their loved ones should realize how much it hurts when someone suffering from depression or any other instability is mocked for their abnormality. You don’t just go out of your way to mock people who have a limp or have some physical abnormality because apparently it is considered “unethical”, then why mock someone who is suffering from depression, insomnia, anorexia or any other mental disorder?

No one wants to be sad all the time, no one likes to stay up all night and have suicidal thoughts messing up with their heads or someone who’s starving just to meet impossible body standards. Maybe if they show a little bit of consideration and stop mocking it’d make life much easier. Happiness comes from within it is not something one can buy or maybe it’s just an illusion. If controlling our emotions was in our hands this world would’ve been a much happier place for no one likes to sad. As someone once said and I quote,

“There is no such thing as happiness there are just degrees of sadness. There are people who are sad, less sad, not sad at all or extremely sad.”

-Social Sciences Student. (3rd Year).


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