Let’s Give Her A World.

ahmedLiving in a society where men are merely looked upon as the oppressor of women, I was raised in a very different manner. For starters, I was taught to respect women starting from my own two sisters and then the circle expanded to cousins, school and later to all the women I met in my 22 years of small life. Women? Yes I use this word because it represents the respect they deserve, maybe if only people understood the difference between girls and women and only of they knew what struggles they go through, it could make a difference.

Being a brother, I was always asked and expected to accompany my sisters wherever they went. What I realized many years after this whole phenomenon, went on for years, it is not women that need a man to protect them, it is men that need women to remind them of how they are supposed to behave. My mother always told me never to look into the eyes of a woman if it made them uncomfortable, there can always be other ways to show confidence, she said. According to her, respect is the best communication a man have with a woman, and this is what gives confidence; not to  men but to women that there is still hope for humanity in this stereotypical society.

I never realized all this was so important not only for others, but for my self-respect. This could be a start to that place where we change this world for women, make it better. We, men can inspire them to raise sons who have a different set of mind towards the women of society. No woman should need a man to accompany her when she goes to her college, no woman should be afraid of eating alone in a restaurant, no woman should be worried to travel alone, no woman should be finding a crowded place to wait for her conveyance, no woman should be obligated to cover herself when she walks through a street alone, no woman should be worried to ask for help from a stranger, and most importantly no woman should be disrespected.

Let us give them a world where they can breathe, laugh, walk, talk, meet people, make friends, travel, and trust. Give them a world they deserve for all the things women have done for us, from giving us birth to raising us, from watching us grow to waiting when we are late at night, from opening doors silently for us when we get in late at night to making tea for us in the morning, from giving us the happiness of children and raising a family with us. Let’s give them a safe world in return. Let’s give them respect in return.


Ahmed Ghazipura.

BBA, Senior Year.



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