The tremors stirred throughout, Gently at first, barely perceptible. It could have been the breeze. Like every other thing, it was overlooked, brushed aside. Life ploughed on, unconcerned. It was doing its best. But there was no draft that day, The windows were bolted tightly, And anyway, it was all stored away carefully, Shoved in the back of the cupboard, Like everything else. Hidden. Locked away. Sentiments were scowled at Attachments abominable, Hoarding unheard of. It was a surprise then when the first drops fell. The downpour was uncontrollable. The forecasts had failed. But what entity could have warned of … Continue reading Untitled!

Dear Human.

Dear Human, tell me why you smile. Is it when the flowers bloom for the first time, why you smile at the sound of waterfall from the mountains. Tell me what makes you happy? Is it the sound of baby laughter or the way your lover dances, maybe it’s the warm sunset, painted of yellow, orange and gold. Tell me Human, what is it that makes you live? The sound of your mother humming as she cooks away in the kitchen, is it maybe the childish pranks you pull with your siblings? Or is it the sad moments? When a … Continue reading Dear Human.

Second Class Citizens

We might not notice or maybe we do. We might be them ourselves. The fact of the matter is that they’re around us and they’re everywhere. What differentiates them from first class citizens is the amount of freedom they enjoy within the state. But that’s a long and tiresome debate. Let’s just understand one thing, these second-class citizens are seen as a nuisance, not a legitimate part of the land we occupy, from whom we withhold rights. No matter how much they do for us, they are rejected or labeled as ‘traitors’. We’re guided by our dogmas and our bigotry, … Continue reading Second Class Citizens

The Birth of A Musician

In this week the melodious Bruce Springsteen came out with Pink Cadillac. He gave birth to a whole era of music and went on to later inspire some of the best musicians of the generations after him. He got a small start in playing gigs in small bars o. new Jersey shore but soon enough got his chance to shine when he got a record deal with Colombia Records. In an astonishingly little amount of time he rose to fame and was on the face of Newsweek and Time in the year of his third album ‘Born To Run’, 1975. … Continue reading The Birth of A Musician

Johannes Kepler

A German mathematician, hundreds of years ago, on this day, claimed the universe was created. His name was Kepler and hevs considered to be a founder of modern science. He was mostly inspired by Copernicus and his theories of the rotating planets and how the Sun was the center of our universe along with respected Galileo Galilei.During an important project whos aim was to discover the orbit of Mars, that was when he eventually under the thoughtful theories and examination of Galilei, he made his own telescope. Kepler was the one who fathered the concept of rotations being delivered in … Continue reading Johannes Kepler