Excuse You, Come Again?

In a world built literally on communication, we are the one generation who has the most trouble with it. Not even broaching the whole, on the phone the entire time, not talking to real people irl, social anxiety, introvert, texts only and so on ramblings. We can barely carry ourselves properly and convey short messages to people with whom we have to interact with for a mere 2 minutes. If you want a task done, MAYBE you should take the time out to ACTUALLY TELL ME what YOU want. It takes only a few seconds longer of interaction but will … Continue reading Excuse You, Come Again?

Departed Misfits

Why are you trying to be something that you’re not? Are you looking for approval or redemption? Are you looking for a peace of mind or a chance to fit in? Who are you today when yesterday you appeared to be someone completely different? Are you the scorching heat of the sun or the pulchritude of rain? How tragically absurd I see you trying to act with the eyes of a puppy Lost, confused and looking for love Going around places you never thought you’d go, Pleasing people you don’t like. Moulding your personality like them Tell me, what will … Continue reading Departed Misfits

Age Of Innocence

This is where I see your frazzled hair in a half pony,With your fingers dancing in hopes to accentuate,Your curved beige shorts,in contrast with your black leggingsThis is where I see the universal to the specific,OrThe specific to the universal,Your words fire inside my mind and,I run;I run at 365 m/s to catch us in the age of innocence,Where I find us,Jealous at the act of disruption we stared at them with all we had,As wide eyed as our mothers allowed,As loved as our mothers allowed,As curious as our mothers allowed,We smelled the rosesOn the roof of our graves – … Continue reading Age Of Innocence

Distractions While Reading

Don’t you just hate it when totally unessential life problems such as eating or bathing disrupt your flow of reading a day-old newspaper article about Balochistan having few libraries – which is considerably more important? Or when you are having a magical time witnessing a wizard duel in the fantasy novel you’re currently reading and then the more boring and illogical part of your brain reminds you of the maths test you have tomorrow? I’m sure my fellow booklovers share my pain. In fact we should all unite and protest against maths tests and bodily responses to hunger when we … Continue reading Distractions While Reading