Don’t Think

I don’t think people die from bullets, not from incurable diseases, not from being forgotten. They’ve been woven into the souls of the people they left behind, they’re in the little habits of the people they passed by, The little personality they left behind that was adopted by the people who loved them. People don’t die because when they goes away. The other inherits a little part of them in themselves and when the others pass away they leave a little of them in someone else and the process continues. We never really die we just become a part of … Continue reading Don’t Think

I Am In Love With The People

I am in love with people I have yet to meet, From the small dimples on their face to the tiny freckels on their feet, I’m in love with people I have yet to meet, They way they bite their lip or frown their brows when solving a crossword Their eyes when lose focus as traveling the galaxies from inside Lost in translation, unable to read, and if one day we are to drift apart -A.A.K Continue reading I Am In Love With The People

A Rant On The Transgender Treatment.

For god’s sake man, have some dignity. It was Eid, a Religious celebration, it was that one time for you people to just keep quiet and keep it in your pants, men like these disgust me to the extent that I pray to God that they do not have daughters. How much do you need to lose your faith, humanity and consciousness to do such a horrible thing, I pray to God that these inhumane creatures get their vocal cords ripped out of their throats and their ” MAN’S PRIDE” gets butchered in the worst possible way. These transgender are human beings and if they differ in  physical form doesn’t mean they’ll differ … Continue reading A Rant On The Transgender Treatment.

An Outlook on Poverty 

Over 3 billion humans in the world suffer from poverty.  1 billion children.   805 million without adequate food.   750 million without clean drinking water.   1.6 billion without electricity.  Poverty -classically- refers to the state where a person’s basic requirements of food, shelter, and clothing are not being met- a condition where it is difficult for the individual to exist in society. As of 2015, the poverty line decrees a person considered to be in extreme poverty if they live on less than 1.90 international dollars.* Poverty is classified into absolute or relative poverty. Absolute poverty is used to account for … Continue reading An Outlook on Poverty